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Casting list for Ghost

We are very pleased to announce our 2020 Production of Ghost Cast List…

Sam Wheat – Alex Maxwell
Molly Jensen – Dandi Dancox
Carl Bruner – Liam Behan
Susan (Sam’s Assistant) – Gaynor Denham
Willie Lopez – Marc McCabe O’kelly
Hospital Ghost – Neil Taverner
Subway Ghost – Joey Wylde
Oda Mae Brown – Nikki Openshaw
Clara – Lisa Dancox
Louise – Sarah Brew

Dale Vincent, Neil King, Adam Brammall, Neil Taverner, Emma Chapple, Gaynor Denham, Gill Goss, Hannah Clinton, Hannah Simpson, Jordan McCormack, Nerissa Taverner, Sarah Callow, Gail Hampson, Joanne Gibney.

Thank You all so much for coming to audition for us, we’ve had a fab set of auditions.

Here’s to another amazing show🎉