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12 days of Legally Blonde: Professor Callahan

Rich, powerful and ruthless; Callahan is the epitome of a cutthroat lawyer. Partner to a successful law firm, he also teaches Criminal Law 101 at Harvard and is very used to getting what he wants. So how will he handle bright, bubbly Elle who puts more faith in endorphins than evidence?

John Snelling has been in over 20 shows over the years, but ‘Legally Blonde the Musical’ is only his second on the island after making his debut as the twisted redneck Jud Fry in last year’s production of ‘Oklahoma!’. He’s delighted to be continuing the unpleasant theme by playing our arrogant, mildly crooked lawyer. John loves Christmas, but loves the anticipation even more… putting up the Christmas tree, hanging lights outside; but probable his favourite bit of Christmas is the music – lots of excuses for singing those cheesy old Christmas crooners! All together now: ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas…’