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Into the spotlight with David Artus

Ahead of the Manx Operatic Society’s upcoming production of Sondheim’s Sweeny Todd we caught up with leading man and the demon barber of Fleet Street himself, David Artus.

What is your latest performance?

Sweeney Todd, and then I’ll be directing the Full Monty in July 2023.

How did you get into the acting scene?

I got into theatre slowly. My cousin Christine Wild moved over from the UK and opened a dance school and my mum took the money at the door. I was about 12 and started to take interest because I noticed girls, needless to say, I became a regular visitor!

After a lot of persuasion, I took a couple of dance classes and slowly but surely became a full member of the school. Shortly after I joined the Manx Operatic Society for my first show Guys and Dolls when I was 14.

What was your debut performance?

In a Christine Wild show at the Majestic Hotel. I was 13, it was a dance show in front of about 40 people and I was sick in the loo beforehand. I still get a healthy dose of stage fright now and again.

Do you have a favourite show?

My favourite show is Jesus Christ Superstar. It was my second Manx Operatic Society show at the age of 15 (third leper from the left), and that show cemented my love for musical theatre, but I was lucky to play Judas many years later, my dream role.

What is your most memorable moment on stage?

I had the honour of meeting Patrick Swayze after a performance when he came to see a show whilst filming on the Island – that was awesome.

How would your cast members describe you (5 words)

Distracted, forgetful, unorganised, confident and lastly dangerous (because of the first four)

Tell us a role you would love to play

There are not many left on the bucket list. Maybe George Washington in Hamilton (still got some moves, and it would embarrass my kids)

Do you have a favourite song from a musical?

Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar

What’s your full time job when not performing?

I work in sales at Domicilium, an IT/Hosting/Internet company. In normal times, flying around the world and seeing clients. Theatre gave me the confidence to do that.

Any advice for someone wanting to go on stage?

Just do it. It’s the best and most rewarding thing you could do. Find out what Societies are out there, find out when they are auditioning and get in touch. It’s NOT a closed show, it’s NOT cliquey.

We need new blood every year so you would be welcomed!

Article sourceIsland Life