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Legally Blonde bombshell thrills Gaiety crowds


Packed out audiences have been enthralled by the Manx Operatic Society’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical, at the Gaiety Theatre.

Through more than 17 different song and dance routines, we followed Elle, the pretty, materialistic, blonde-haired socialite as she loses her ambitious boyfriend, and forces her way into Harvard Law School to win him back.

Eventually, she wins the day and more – and works out a few choice lessons in life along they way.

Legally Blonde was a hit from the start.

The dances were slick and professional, and the actors each played their part with real passion and energy

The lead role was performed by Ann-Marie Craine, who stayed onstage for the vast majority of the show.

She threw herself into the role, and never seemed to pause for breath, leaping from one exhausting song and dance routine into the next.

Her character was central to most scenes and from the start she was a joy to watch.

Alongside her was an equally unstoppable cast, featuring a cast of high school friends, Paulette Bounafonte, brilliantly portrayed by Lisa Dancox, and a law school full of scathing legal students, led by their professor, Professor Callahan, played by John Snelling.

There were some heartwarming and thoroughly engaging scenes with Elle and her new found friend and ultimately love interest Emmet, performed by Liam Kaneen.

Their scenes together were genuinely warm and, with the play bouncing unstoppably towards its predictable ending of redemption, affirmation and acceptance for Elle, you found yourself rooting for the happy outcome you knew were on the way regardless.

Along the way, adversaries became friends and Elle eventually won respect from those around her.

Many, especially the younger audience members, will feel the real stars of the show were Rufus and Bruiser, the two performing dogs. Rufus, especially, brought the house down with his little dance routine with Paulette.

Ultimately, Legally Blonde was a fabulous show from the very beginning.

The sets were amazing, and costumes stunning. But all these were overshadowed by the sheer quality of the performances from the amateur cast. It was a genuinely heartwarming, feel-good musical which was a delight to watch.

The show continues tonight (Thursday), Friday and Saturday, when there will also be a matinee.

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